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I don’t see the CORE 4 nutrients on your wrapper. Do your bars still contain these benefits?

While we no longer call out these nutrients out on our wrapper, our bars still contain the CORE 4—calcium, folic acid, iron and vitamin D. We include these nutrients in our bars because of their importance to many women’s health.

Has there been a recipe change?

We've reduced the sugar in our existing line of bars, and are thrilled to share them with you in a fresh new wrapper and design.

What is CLIF Organic Trail Mix Bar?

CLIF Organic Trail Mix Bar is a great-tasting snack bar made with wholesome, organic ingredients. These bars are bursting with organic fruit, roasted nuts and delicious dark chocolate chunks.

When should I eat CLIF Organic Trail Mix Bar?

CLIF Organic Trail Mix Bar is ideal for those who live an active, on-the-go-lifestyle. They provide people the energy they need for their next adventure. These bars deliver a satisfying and crunchy texture, and are perfect for snacking anytime.

What ingredients are organic?

CLIF Organic Trail Mix Bars include only organic nuts, like almonds, cashews and pecans, organic fruit, like cherries and pomegranate arils, and organic dark chocolate.

Are CLIF Organic Trail Mix Bars gluten free?


How do nuts help contribute to a balanced diet?

The monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat found in nuts are proven to be good choices when adding fat to the diet. Nuts also provide fibre in CLIF Organic Trail Mix Bars. 

How much fibre is in the bar?

CLIF Organic Trail Mix Bars are a source of fibre, and contain between 3-4 grams of fibre per 40g bar. 

How is CLIF Organic Trail Mix Bar different from other fruit and nut bars?

CLIF Organic Trail Mix Bar is organic and from the makers of CLIF Bar so you know they are a delicious snack that is good for people and the planet. The athletes and foodies in the Clif kitchen carefully selected high-quality organic ingredients such as red cherries, almonds and dark chocolate chunks to create a snack that is both satisfying and nutritious.

What is CLIF Kid Zbar?

CLIF Kid Zbar is an organic, soft-baked whole grain energy snack made just for kids. Zbar does not contain trans fat, partially-hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, synthetic preservatives or artificial flavours. 

Why eat CLIF Kid Zbar?

Foods with added sugar, little-to-no protein and fibre digest more rapidly, which can lead to bursts of energy that fade fast. Zbar features a blend of carbohydrates, protein, fat and fibre to help provide energy. 

Why does CLIF Kid use organic ingredients?

We want to nourish our kids with the best ingredients possible. By sourcing organic ingredients, we help keep harmful pesticides and synthetic fertilizers out of the environment and our bodies. As parents, this gives us a peace of mind that we’re feeding our kids food we can feel good about.

Does CLIF Kid Zbar contain any common food allergies such as peanuts?

Zbar is not peanut-free. Please read the ingredient list and allergen statements on the package of individual CLIF Kid Zbar flavours for other possible allergens.

Are CLIF Kid Zbars gluten-free?

CLIF Kid Zbar is not a gluten-free food item. All flavors may contain gluten.


CLIF CRUNCH is a line of crunchy granola bars made with organic ingredients and whole grains available in classic and unique flavours like White Chocolate Macadamia Nut.

What makes CLIF CRUNCH bars different than other granola bars?

CLIF CRUNCH was born from the CLIF Bar heritage of seeking new ways to make a better bar – one that is nutritious, tastes delicious and is made with organic ingredients. The CLIF CRUNCH line offers a variety of flavours and sets a new standard in taste and texture, using chunks of nuts, creamy whole chips and a special blend of organic whole grains and rice crisps creating a light texture.

What is a LUNA Bar?

LUNA® is the first nutrition bar specifically formulated with women’s needs in mind to help them throughout their busy days and lives. They are made with 70 percent organic ingredients and no artificial sweeteners, no high fructose corn syrup, no trans fat, no ingredients sourced from genetically modified organisms and no animal products.

What is the nutritional profile of a LUNA Bar?

LUNA nourishes women with specific nutrients, like iron, calcium, vitamin D and folate, to help women maintain healthy, active lives. Each LUNA Bar has 180 - 190 calories with 8 - 9 g protein, 3 - 4 g fibre, 5 - 7 g fat and 10 - 13 g sugar, depending on the flavour.


CLIF Builder’s is a great-tasting protein bar that provides a convenient source of protein, a vital nutrient that helps build and repair body tissues, build antibodies and maintain overall good health.  Each CLIF Builder’s Bar contains 20 grams of soy and nut proteins.

What makes CLIF BUILDER’S different?

CLIF Builder’s has a blend of protein, carbohydrates and fat that sets it apart from other protein bars. The ingredients give your body the protein it needs to help build and repair muscle, the carbohydrates and fat for energy to sustain a workout and vitamins and minerals to support metabolism during and after a workout. Unlike many other protein bars, CLIF Builder’s is free of trans fats, partially-hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, chemically derived additives and ingredients sourced from GMOs.

When should you eat CLIF BUILDER’S Bars?

3 - 4 hours before an activity, within 30 minutes post-activity or as a high-protein snack.

What is the CLIF Bar Pace Team?

The CLIF Bar Pace Team is a group of experienced runners who help set the pace for runners at marathons and ½ marathons. Part coach, part friend, and part mentor (at least for several hours!), this is an experienced long distance runner who sets a steady pace while offering encouragement and advice. The Pace Team Leader is capable of finishing the event anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes faster, so they can devote their extra energy to assisting their team. The leaders also have run multiple marathons and can share their expertise with you.

How do I become part of a Pace Team?

You can register online. You can also stop by the Pace Team booth at the race expo to meet your Pace Leader, ask questions, and pick up a Pace Band. You can even just meet up with the group before the race in the starting area – just look for our signs and balloons!

How do I find my Pace Team race morning?

The Pace Team leaders will be located on the right side of the street in the starting area. The faster groups are toward the front, the not-so-fast groups toward the back. Look for the pace group times listed on the signs and the balloons the leaders hold and line up with the one you want. Feel free to introduce yourself!

How do I pick the best group for me?

You should have an idea of your ability before starting an event as challenging as a Marathon or ½ Marathon. However, if this is your first marathon, but you have done a ½ marathon and trained well, double your time and add 20 minutes. If you have not done a ½ marathon, you can still determine what pace is best for you based upon your long training runs. Choose a pace that is conservative. If it is too slow after 3-4 miles you can always pick it up – but if you go too fast from the beginning you might not have a very enjoyable experience.

How will I be able to keep track of my Pace Team Leader?

Your Pace Team leader will carry a stick with balloons the entire race – yes, the ENTIRE race! Any time you want to know where they are, just look for the balloons!

Will the Pace Team Leader walk through the aid stations?

Typically the leaders maintain a steady pace through the water stops, although there are times where the water stops are extremely crowded and they are forced to slow a bit. Please focus on getting your fluids and then working your way back to the balloons. Remember, the leader might have gotten slowed and may end up behind you! If you wish to walk at the aid stations, walk briskly and then very gradually catch up to your group. Do not sprint to catch up as this uses energy inefficiently.

I follow the “run-walk” plan. Can I still benefit from a Pace Group?

Sure! In the end, we are all following the same race clock, so if you do the “run-walk” and your overall goal aligns with one of our Pace Groups, you should still be at every mile marker at the same time. You will be a little quicker when you are running, but the group will catch you as you walk.

Do I need to stay with the group the whole race?

Absolutely not! The group is there for your benefit, but if you are having a good day and want to pick it up, or are not having a good day and need to slow, please do so. This is still your race – we are just there to help!

What if I need to take a porta-potty break?

Sometimes we all gotta go! Afterward, gradually catch up to your group. Remember your Pace Band will show you when the group went through the next mile marker, so you will have at least an idea of how far behind you are and you can steadily work your way back on pace.

Will every mile split be exactly the same?

For the most part the leader will run steady, although in cases of extreme hills they will go on effort. And if they lose time they will work their way back on pace gradually, maybe taking a number of miles to do so. Remember, they have done this before, so you can trust them! The leaders focus on finishing less than 2 minutes under the goal time – never over.

What is CLIF SHOT® Energy Gel?

CLIF SHOT Energy Gel supplies 22 – 24 g carbohydrates for energy during training and racing.

When should CLIF SHOT Energy Gel be eaten?

We recommend one packet 15 minutes before activity, and 1 or 2 packets per hour during activity. Always follow consumption with water.

Why should I choose CLIF SHOT Energy Gel?

CLIF SHOT takes a streamlined approach to sports nutrition to provide energy during activity. CLIF SHOT Energy Gel has fewer ingredients - whether it’s their gear or their food, performance athletes can’t afford to be loaded down with anything superfluous. Less is more.


To provide athletes with another energy food option, we created CLIF SHOT BLOKS Energy Chews. Simple-to-handle and with a nutrition profile similar to CLIF SHOT Energy Gel, CLIF SHOT BLOKS provide athletes with another option for their performance nutrition program.

When should CLIF SHOT BLOKS be eaten?

Have 3 to 6 CLIF SHOT BLOKS every hour during activity. Always follow consumption with water.


CLIF SHOT BLOKS are primarily used by performance athletes – cyclists, runners, mountain bikers, triathletes, adventure racers, etc.

Why eat CLIF® Bars?

Thanks to their portability, nutrition and great taste, CLIF Bars are a source of energy for athletes and active people who respect their bodies and the world around them.

What is CLIF Bar?

CLIF Bar is the original energy bar made with wholesome ingredients that deliver energy. CLIF Bars have whole ingredients you can see and taste, such as rolled oats, fruits and nuts. Each bar contains carbohydrates, protein, fibre, fat and 23 vitamins and minerals.

When should you eat CLIF Bars?

For best results, CLIF Bars should be eaten about one to three hours before exercise along with water to supply energy to working muscles. During prolonged, lower intensity exercise such as hiking or bike touring, CLIF Bars can be eaten during activity to maintain energy levels. CLIF Bars can also be eaten after exercise, as a snack between meals or during a long, busy day to help sustain energy.