Running a Marathon is Hard.

It’s hard the first time and it’s hard the tenth time. So the CLIF Bar Pace Team supports all sorts of runners, from beginner to hardcore.

Hook up with experienced pace leaders, get out there and meet the moment.

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Pace Leaders share their passion and perspectives on running a marathon

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Get the lowdown on proper nutrition, hydration, and other tips and tricks dedicated to getting the most out of your training and race day efforts. Check out CLIFCast, our Podcast series that offers up info and insights on sports nutrition for runners.

Hydration 20:16
Whether running a 5-mile loop or a 100-mile Ultra – dehydration happens. In this episode, we explore the effects of water and electrolytes in our body, the dangers of sodium loss, and the best way to replenish all of them.
Recovery 14:09
Your body works hard to recover from your workouts. What foods and drinks are best for rebuilding muscle tissue? What are the best ways to recover lost fluids and electrolytes? And what is the “Recovery Window of Opportunity”?
Sports Nutrition 101 21:35
Learn the basics of sports nutrition for runners. Find out what you should eat, when and how. Do we drink right before a run or during? What should we have after? And, what should we not eat.
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