Catharine Pendrel


Catharine grew up on a horse farm in Federicton, new Brunswick where she was a competitive horseback rider before finding mountain biking at age 16.  Her first race was on a bike borrowed from her brother.  She recounts, "What I remember from starting is falling and crashing a lot.” Since then, Catherine has gone on to race in 17 countries and two Olympics. In advance of the 2012 London games, she won an online fan poll to be selected as Canada's flag bearer.

She’s looking forward to her third Olympic games, in Rio De Janeiro in 2016. Among her other outstanding accomplishments is a gold medal at the 2007 Pan Am Games and silver in 2015. She has also won the 2010 UCI World Cup Series, 2011 World Championships and 2014 Commonwealth Games. Catharine has been on the Canadian National team since 2004 and Luna Chix Pro Team since 2008. Pre-race, Catharine says she has to visualize a lap of the course and all the different race scenarios before she can let herself fall asleep. One of her pet peeves? People that leave their shopping cart in the parking lot.

Photo: Matthew DeLorme