Jeremy Jones


Let's face it - Jeremy is one of the most badass snowboarders of all time. As a pioneer of backcountry riding, Jeremy has consistently pushed the limits of what can be done with a board and some snow...and some sick couloirs to climb and ski. Whether he's hiking deep into some of the wildest backcountry on earth in search of new runs, or storming Washington to lead the charge against global climate change, Jeremy is sure to be where the action is. In Jeremy's words, "I have set my life up around riding waves and mountains on a daily basis. Climbing and Biking have also become a part of my circuit too. This has led me to some special places around the world. In doing so, I saw change in the mountains and started Protect Our Winters in 2007. These days 80% of my snowboarding takes place in my home range, the Sierra. I find myself seeking more and more desolate places to play and my obsession for adventure continues to grow. "

Some accomplishments include 9x Big Mtn Rider of the Year Award, 2010 Snowboarder Magazine Action Sports Athlete of the Year, X Dance Film Festival Winner and has starred in over 50 snowboard movies. A real slacker:) A Wild Memory: Sending my Bivy gear down a 3,000 ft chute and watching it fly off cliffs, just clear a bergschrund and roll successfully out into the flats. I was camped 75 miles from the closest town and the bag contained my only sleeping bag and pad I had although I did not think of that until moments before launch. Then I walked around the corner and shredded the best line of my life with a very light pack, grabbed my bivy gear, had a tea party and took a nap while I waited for the sun to come around on the evenings lines. Words to Live By: Ride to live another day.