Pete Devries


This is how Pete describes it: "It all started when I tried to stand up on my body board at age 6. I would always watch my dad surfing in front of my house, and I just wanted to do what he was doing. It just seemed natural to start surfing." Luckily that early experience didn't include a nasty wipeout. Body boards aren't easy to stand up on! Pete, however, does have a wildly weird memory (from his adult life) as well, that sounds more like a horror story than a surf adventure. It seems he once got hurt while in Morocco and had to go to a hospital there. "It was like silence of the lambs in there," he says. "Lying on a freezing cold, steel operating table with dim yellow lighting made me really happy I didn't need to go under the knife!" Indeed. Pete says he's all about surfing and family. He loves surfing good waves around his home—Tofino, British Columbia—with friends, and traveling to remote places around the world. He spends a lot of time with his son Asher, wife Lisa, and their dog Naia. And, he adds, "I'm a huge hockey fan, too!" 

Notable Accomplishments: Cold Water Classic Canada Champion, 3rd place Innersection Blue.