Tamo Campos


Named as Starfish Canada's "Top Environmentalist under 25" in 2014, Tamo Campos is a professional Freestyle Snowboarder and a dedicated environmentalist. Co-founder of the organization, Beyond Boarding, Snowboarders Making Positive Change, Tamo has travelled the world turning snowboard trips into volunteer missions in Chile and Argentina, beach clean ups on Vancouver Island and speaking tours in Northern British Columbia, informing students on the impact the Northern Gateway Pipeline will have on their environment and lifestyle.

Tamo’s work with Beyond Boarding has yielded a handful of documentary films, including “Belen” which follows Tamo and a friend on travels in Peru and Chile where they snowboard and connect with local communities in the spirit of service, and “Northern Grease” following Tamo and friends as they travel in a vegetable-fueled bus throughout BC and Alberta, exploring the impact that resource extraction projects are having on the environment, and what local communities are doing in response.