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Professional Mountain Biker

Brett Rheeder

Mount Albert, Ontario, Canada

Canadian athlete, Brett Rheeder cemented his legendary status as a freeride aerial wizard in 2016 by taking first place at the Red Bull Joyride competition in Whistler, BC. But his epic journey to the top has been sufficiently bedazzled with stunning performances since the day he stepped into the spotlight. The Mount Albert, Ontario native stepped into the professional freeride and mountain bike circuit in 2009. Since 2012, Brett has remained ranked in the FMB World Tour overall top 5 with strong performances around the globe. Committed to the core, Brett spends just about every waking moment either riding his bike, designing jumps in his backyard, or daydreaming about riding his bike on courses yet to be built!

Dinner with anyone in the world:

As crazy as this sounds I think I would go to dinner with an astronaut thats been to the international space station or the moon… And I would want to know everything about how they got there, how they live up there, and listen as they describe the way the world looks from outer space. After travelling around the world and realizing how small it actually is, makes me curious to learn about the people that have seen the world from up there.

Earliest Memory of Riding:

I don’t remember much from the age of 4, but I do vividly remember learning to ride my bike down the driveway with my dad getting me on the pedals and giving me a push at one end of the driveway and my mom on the other waiting to catch me if I didn’t slow down.

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