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Professional Mountain Biker

Casey Brown

Revelstoke, British Columbia

Growing up the youngest of five on a 300+ acre farm in New Zealand, Casey was quick to take to an outdoor lifestyle that included wrangling sheep and riding horses. Her family moved to Revelstoke, BC when Casey was eleven years old and with that move came bigger mountains. During her first few years in Canada, Casey pursued competitive skiing and snowboarding. Mountain biking was more of a hobby in the beginning, something she enjoyed doing with her family. Casey's brother, Sam - an accomplished pro rider in the early 2000's - introduced Casey to riding early on. She soon found herself shifting her attention to the sport. In 2011 Casey’s had a breakout year in the sport when she finished 2nd at the Canadian Championships and 16th overall in the world. These performances cemented her path to the World Cup Circuit. In 2014, Casey was crowned the Queen of Crankworx a world tour event consisting of 15 events taking place around the world. 2015 and 2016 saw Casey finished second. She is beyond fired up to keep making a name for herself in freeride world. We’re just excited to be along for the ride!

Earliest Memory of Riding:

When I was 5 years old, my big brother had built a jump in the drive way and had been hitting it on his bike all day, he got the idea that I should give it a go, so he saddled me up on his bike and pushed me down the hill aiming for this plywood jump, I went off the thing and can't remember anything after that, I guess it didn't go so well.

Best, funniest, or weirdest experience:

When I was 14 I summited Mt Begbie, an 8000ft Mountian in Revelstoke. It is a mixed climb, the first two thirds being steep and forested and the last third with glacier crossing and rock climbing. It took me and my two friends 11 hours - I did it in bare feet (except for the glacier which I had crampons) and will never forget that first big climb, stoke levels were high.

Casey by the Numbers

Years Riding
Queen of Crankworx
Whip-Off World Championships