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I received a donation of CLIF Bars for my event, but my event was cancelled due to COVID-19. What do I do with my CLIF Bar donation?

If you have received a donation of Clif Bars for your event that has since been canceled due to COVID-19 circumstances, we encourage you to contact your local food bank or other trusted charitable organization in your area in need of food donations for a donation pick-up, or other guidance on how to safely donate your boxes of Clif Bars for those in need during this time. Please adhere to your local area’s ordinances and Social Distancing best practices. For any events that have been postponed to a later date, please adhere to Clif Bar’s product storage guidelines you received in your donation confirmation, and ensure that your Clif Bars are still fresh and suitable for sharing before any distribution at your event. If you have any further questions, you may reach out to

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