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Organic for Good

We believe in creating a healthier, more just and sustainable food system. For us that starts with organic.

On a map, ‘red roads’ are the big roads, full of noise, pollution, and well paved. ‘White roads’ tend to be smaller, less travelled, full of unknowns, beauty and great adventure.

At Clif Bar & Company, our journey to use organic ingredients started more than 12 years ago. Being a company committed to organic was about as ‘white road’ as you could get back then. It wasn’t easy travelling the tougher terrain but it’s been totally worth it.

By the Numbers

$10 Million USD
Commitment to endow 5 chairs in organic research by 2020
1 Billion US
Pounds of organic ingredients 2003-2018
Of all ingredients organic and sustainable by the end of 2020

We’ve learned along the journey that organic can be a catalyst for good. It’s fundamental to creating a healthier, more just and sustainable food system. Organic farming means non-GMO and no highly-toxic, persistent pesticides, connecting people’s health to a healthy planet. It’s better for the farmers and farming communities who grow our food and better for the families who enjoy our food.

We’ve also learned that organic isn’t farming like your grandparents – it’s innovative and can play a critical role in feeding a growing world. That’s why we’ve created the Clif Ag Fund to invest in projects and programs that will help increase the economic resilience of organic farmers in our supply chain. That’s why we’re spearheading an effort to raise $10 million for five endowed chairs in organic research at U.S. land grant universities, and through the Clif Bar Family Foundation have given more than $1.5 million to support organic seed, including funding 14 graduate fellowships. In this way and more, we’re working every day to ensure that organic is here to stay, for good, and for generations to come.