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At Clif we’re guided by our values—our Five Aspirations. Ensuring our brands are wholesome and business is thriving so that we can do more good. And caring about the people, places, and communities we touch.

08 Sustain People

Sustaining Our People

There's More to Work Than Work

Our people are the heart and soul of Clif Bar, so we work hard to be a company where all can grow, thrive, and meaningfully contribute—building a better Clif and, in sometimes small but significant ways, a better world.

We are proud to have created a place where our employees can contribute, learn and grow while they live the life they want to live. Every day, Clif is alive with passionate, intelligent, creative, and caring people – and it’s our job to inspire them to do their best. That’s why we encourage everyone to bring their passions to work, not check them at the door.

Sustaining Our Communities

Doing More Good Together

Our company has always been committed to the health and well-being of the people and places we reach. Together with our passionate team we lend a hand, give back, and create thoughtful partnerships that contribute to the communities we all share.

From the volunteer work we do locally to the way we source ingredients globally, our commitment to the communities we touch is an important part of who we are.

Globally, this means sourcing organic. For example, Clif has crafted 1.4 billion pounds of organic ingredients (80% into our food since 2003 and has supported efforts in organic research through endowed chairs at leading public universities as well as supporting graduate fellowships in organic plant breeding.

We also created In Good Company® – an alliance of values-driven businesses working together for a shared purpose. We listen to people in local communities define their needs, and then volunteer our time to tackle projects focused on food, environmental restoration, and rebuilding after natural disasters.

And we are proud of our CLIF® CORPS program that encourages Clif employees to volunteer their services in the community on paid company time. For our 30th Clif Anniversary in 2022, we invited employees to take a pledge of 30 volunteer hours during the year to give back to the communities who have helped sustain us throughout our journey.

By the Numbers

Volunteer Hours since 2003
Participation through CLIF CORPS, our employee-giving and engagement program
$60 Mil
CAD donated to do good since 2000

Sustaining the Planet

Following Nature's Lead

At Clif, we’re inspired by the challenge of running a business based on ecological principles.

We’re committed to taking care of our planet, and it’s baked into everything we do. From the ingredients we source to the energy we use, hand in hand with policy makers, NGOs, and even competitors to create a brighter future for everyone.

By the Numbers:

of all Ingredients we use are certified organic
of waste diversion from landfill at our bakeries
20 Years
Climate-Neutral Business Operations

Think Like a Tree

We’re working to reduce our environmental footprint in everything we do, from the field to the final product.

Sustaining Our Brands

Beyond the Bar

Creating brands with integrity, quality, and authenticity means crafting good products with certifications from sustainably sourced management systems, like Canada Organic.

We craft our food for all of life’s adventures. Every day we’re proving that food made “good” can also taste great. Our commitment to organic ingredients guides us to make the right choices for farmers, communities, and the awesome people who love our brands.

We listen attentively to our athletes, foodies, and the people we meet at our events to tap natural demand and follow long-term trends, not short-term fads. But most important, we never lose sight of the fact that all the food from each of our brands is a tasty expression of our values.

By the Numbers:

Nutrition Energy Bar in Canada
$10.2 Mil
CAD Raised for Women's Non-profit by LUNAFEST®
High Fructose Corn Syrup, no Artificial Flavors, and Non-GMO in CLIF Kid Products

Sustaining Our Business

Embracing Adventure Along The Way

We’re leading a business that’s built to inspire consumers (and other companies) by continuously investing in the growth of our five bottom lines, ensuring Clif remains a force for good for generations to come.

Today, remaining a thriving business gives us the power to support our brands, our people, our community, and the planet…not to mention have a ton of fun doing it every day.