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We all move the world in different ways and CLIF has the perfect variety of foods to fit your needs.

Move and the World
Moves With You

Taking on the world takes focus. So whether you’re running a race or chasing your dreams, we’re here to support you with purposefully crafted, delicious food to help keep you moving. Because when you move, the world moves with you.

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P.K. Subban Foundation

The P.K. Subban Foundation is dedicated to helping children around the globe. In everything from donating to children’s hospitals to uniting underprivileged kids with law enforcement members to the Defence League hockey camp, this foundation is rewriting the script on what it means to be a champion.

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The ultimate advocate for the women’s freeriding movement, this Kiwi athlete has had an impressive career of riding the world’s most coveted jump lines. She is now moving the world by focusing on building inclusion in the sport for women through her new women’s-only Dark Horse event at Revelstoke.

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Mother. Athlete. Pro. All in a day’s work. During pregnancy, Catharine Pendrel learned she could kill two birds with one stone by using workouts to reduce her morning sickness. And good thing! She returned to the bike with incredible power that is now inspiring her baby daughter and other athlete moms.

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As an avid jiu-jitsu, surfing and skateboarding enthusiast, TV host Francisco Randez teamed up with CLIF to encourage Quebecers to get moving. After several months indoors, Francisco was thrilled to return to his passions and help encourage Canadians to celebrate all kinds of movement.